The VERITY® 1910 MS Detector Offers Expanded Mass Range for Detection of Peptides and Small Proteins

Middleton, WI (March 19, 2019) - Gilson announced today the launch of the VERITY® 1910 MS Detector, offering numerous enhancements over its popular VERITY 1900 Detector, including an expanded mass range of 50–1400 m/z. This broader mass range addresses the detection needs of many pharmaceutical and biotech scientists performing preparative chromatography purifications on peptides and small proteins.

The enhanced VERITY 1910 MS Detector allows users to collect samples based on target mass, which saves time by decreasing the overall number of fractions that require further processing and analysis. The detector has the ability to collect full scan signals and up to four selected ion monitoring (SIM) channels simultaneously.

The VERITY 1910 MS Detector relies on chip-based technology, which decreases ownership costs through reduced maintenance (e.g., changing rough pump oil). Compared to traditional single quadrupole mass spectrometers, the VERITY 1910 MS Detector offers exceptionally quiet operation with significantly less heat generation. These benefits, along with its small footprint, make the VERITY 1910 MS Detector adaptable to a variety of laboratory environments.

“Besides an expanded mass range, the VERITY 1910 MS Detector also features an off-axis vac-chip flange that reduces maintenance downtime and a new, all-metal vac-chip design that extends its lifetime. The detector uses less solvent, nitrogen, and power, lowering operating costs and providing a greener solution for mass detection,” Naza Lahoutifard-Henry, Director Portfolio Management-HPLC Business Line, added.

The affordable VERITY 1910 MS Detector comes with all required accessories including the MiDas™ module, which consists of an integrated make-up pump, splitter, and direct sampling valve to deliver consistent flows to the VERITY 1910 Detector. The detector can be used with Gilson’s TRILUTION® LC software-controlled VERITY HPLC Systems and the PLC Purification Systems.